Monday, December 27, 2010


Vaastu is based on 5 elements:
Earth, Water, Air, Fire and space.
"Feng" means "wind" and "shui" means "water" . In Chinese culture gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health, thus "Feng Shui" came to mean good livelihood and fortune. It is one of the most ancient Chinese Arts of placement that balances the natural forces of the universe to help Chi (positive energy) flow in the best possible way.
These days lot of people are building house as per the principles of Vaastu and designing interiors as per feng shui as they feel it best way to get the all round benefit. Here are some of the tips by the famous vaastu consultant Shelly Gupta. Source: Bombay Times.
Keep moving your furniture around specially after every one year.This will change the flow of energy, which is considered good and also it is fun to create something new and exciting.

  • Those who need wealth should place flowering plants especially of red and purple colours in groups of three along the passage to the front door of your house.
  • Waterfalls are helpful in creating cash flow especially if they are placed in the far left rear corner of your backyard.
  • Paint your mailbox something fun, colourful and eye-catching, especially if your business is home based. This will encourage more business through the mail.
  • Play some music like the ocean waves, forest sounds or rain falling to bring calm to the stressful environment at workplace and home.
  • Place an abacus on your study table to excel in subjects like mathematics and accounting.
  • To attract wisdom and good energies in the house or place of work, put a chime of 8 rods as 8 is the most powerful money and growth manifesting number.
  • Ring a seven metal bell at least 9 times everyday in a house which is full of negative energies and if there are a lot of arguments happening in the house.