Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sometimes we all start wondering, don't we, what life is all about. Especially when things go wrong, or a friend or a dear one hurts your feelings.

As Corita Kent has beautifully said:
"Life is a succession of moments.
To live each one is to succeed "

I was just reading this short story of two friends.
One had a dutiful wife, who would do all her chores, thinking it as her duty and he thanked God for giving him such a wonderful wife.
The other one had a wife just the opposite. She was nagging and cribbing about work all the time, and demanded her husband's help to do it.
But in his prayers, the husband too thanked God for giving him a wonderful wife.
His perspective was that this behaviour of hers also had a hidden advantage.
Unknowingly, she was in a way, by making him do all the work, helping him be fit and independent.
So now it is left to us how we decide how to take things in life and accept them. Though at every stage of our life we do have to make adjustments with everyone, we will be happy only when we learn to accept things as they are.

Like the saying goes:
Life is a package of it and accept it.
It is God`s gift to you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Neeha said...

Expecting for some good to happen..
This post raised my spirits..

Shobha said...

It will Neeha..God has his way of letting things happen.