Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Nova Gokula ( Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple) is located in a beautiful valley, in the region of Ribeirão Grande, in the municipality of Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, 150 Km from the capital and 270 km from Rio de Janeiro.

In the midst of a true ecological paradise, flora and fauna, with waterfalls that descend from high peaks and form the river which bisects the fazenda ( farm ) Nova Gokula. The air is pure, without any trace of pollution.

These are shops in the fazenda, which sell religious books, photos, idols, agarbathis, Bhajan CD's and casettes, Indian clothes, jewellery etc. etc.

Main entrance to the Temple.

Inside the Temple

Mataji doing the Aarti.
She is a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna and lives in the premises of the temple. She is addressed as Mataji by everyone. Pooja and Aarti is performed 4 times in a day .

Devotees singing bhajans

Snack Bar " Jagannatha "
Veg sandwiches and snacks are served here.

Cafeteria " Govinda-Ji "
Devotees enjoying their refreshments. Amazing to see the Brasilians dressed up in sarees and having names like Meera and Yashoda.

Restaurant/ Pizzaria
You can get a simple meal of Vegetarian pizza or Indian Thali ( salad, rice, dal/beans, vegetable curry ) Most of the fruits and vegetables are grown in the farm. Cows are reared for the diary products.

The serene atmosphere with cows grazing and peacocks dancing around really makes it look like a real " Gokul Dham" The sight of a peacock opening it's feathers to dance is really amazing...could't capture it though..