Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Some Interesting Radish Health Benefits~

Radish is an tasty and healthy vegetable that we must take, it is originated from southern Asia. They grow in the Quick time, so several home gardeners prefer this.The Amazing health Benefits of the Radish

1) The Radish had huge amounts of the antioxidants and other compounds .
2) Radish had good antioxidants which lower the risk of heart disease and lowers the cholesterol levels in the body
3) Radish stimulate the bile production and it is beneficial for the Digestion.A part from this it is also used for the constipation as it is rich in fiber
4) Radish is an good blood purifier and raise the Oxygen Levels in the Body.So it is an good Treatment forJaundice.

5) Radish was Diuretic in nature and helps the kidney and liver function, it is very useful in the Treatment of the Urinary disorder.

6) Radish is an good Source of Potassium which can regulate the Blood Pressure well.

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