Wednesday, November 24, 2010


During my stay in Brazil I once went for shopping to the down-town of the city where I met this Brazilian girl Maria...who also calls herself Meera. She had a tattoo of OM on her hands.
She said that she has read a lot about Indian culture and she was impressed with so many things....our culture, yoga, food, our faith in God...the way Indian women pray and fast for their husbands etc. She asked me to translate something in Hindi so that she could get that tattooed on her hands as well. It said, "GOD SAVE ME FROM THE EVIL EYE." I explained so many things to her and convinced her that OM was the mantra for everything and that it alone was enough.
I used to wonder before as to how these people know so much about other cultures till I met a Brazilian who is married to an Indian. She has translated all the Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Jataka tales for children in Portuguese.
She also has written all about Rudraksha so much detail that even we would not know that much about it.
Her next project is Indian Astrology. We have so many ways of fortelling the future, like palmistry, parrot picking up ur fortune card, Bhrigushastra, then down South we have people fortelling your future by just feeling ur pulse... etc.
It is really amazing to see foreigners taking so much interest in Indian Culture.