Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today I saw an e-mail which really touched my heart. I would like to share the gist of it with you.
This reflects on the behaviour of some of the youngsters these days.
There was this young couple who had their father living with them. They just got fed up of his age-induced clumsiness. He would drop his spoons and forks...spoil the carpet....break the crockery because old age had made him weak and fragile. One day, they just gave him a table in the corner of the room and a wooden bowl to eat from. This behaviour of his children towards him brought tears in his eyes... but he was helpless.
One day the parents see their child collecting wooden pieces in the garden and ask him what he was doing. The child innocently replies,"I am collecting wood to make wooden bowls for you...so that when you are old like grandpa...you may need them."
Imagine what a lesson this child has taught to his parents. After that day, the couple took their father back to the table, and thereafter, never minded about the broken crockery or stained carpets. They had learnt about the circle of life.
Imagine even little kids can teach us a lot, some times.
I believe that life is a process of learning...from anyone...at any age.