Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why Indian women wear Toe Rings ?

The toe ring which is also known as ‘Bichiya’ is a type of ring just like finger ring or some others rings that is made by various types of metals and non-metals compounds. And it is most popular traditional as well as modern fashion or trend among Indian women. Most of the Indian girls especially bridals and married women like to wear it on special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, engagement parties, some religious events and even on daily regular routines. And it is also becoming a fashion among Indian women. They show their so much interest in this type of fashion. And many people thought that why is it necessary to wear it? and why women like to wear it? There are many reasons to wear it in Indian women. First and common reason is that wear the toe ring is the sign or identity of married women. The wear it also because of their culture as their ancestors wore it culturally. There is a very amazing search about the wear of toe ring among Indian women.

The science have revealed that the toe ring in the second toe helps to women in some regulations for example a particular nerve passes from this second toe to the uterus and also from uterus towards the heart. This toe ring gives help in circulating blood towards uterus and heart and resulting strengthen the uterus. And also gives help these organs in many other functions. Moreover, when it wears in the both side or in the both second toes of foots or even in one side foot too, it helps in the regulation or maintenance of the menstrual cycle in women during certain interval of menstrual cycle in Indian women. And this is why it is considered as a best way and gives a good scope and help for conceiving to married women. This is why Indian women wear it especially in the second toe of the both foot or even in one foot.
And one is the most important thing is also seen in Why Indian Womens Wear Toe Rings Mostly and likely silver colored toe ring never wear gold toe ring. The main and common reason of this thing is that Indian people especially women are prefer to their ancient culture or tradition. And they considered gold is a respect able and value able thing and this is why they considered it not able or good thought and not fear thing to wear it in toe as toe ring in the foot because it will come behind the foots.. And this is why they like to wear toe ring in silver color and in some other metallic products. And also silver is considered as a good conductor and it is more helpful in the absorption of polar energies and in some other functions. These are the most authentic, valuable and enough reasons to wear toe rings in the foot of Indian girl’s and especially bridals and married women.