Monday, May 19, 2014

Sindh..The Rilli Connection - "Chawro" (Guest House for Travellers).

Sindhi people are known for their unmatched hospitality. Traditionally, tribal elders manage and maintain these 'Chawras' where they welcome the travellers (mostly strangers) to stay during scorching heat of the day and to rest at night. Although strangers, all the guests are treated as blessings of God and accordingly respected and provided with free food, cold water, local drinks and provided with new beds (Charpoys) decorated with Rillis (traditional bedsheets).

This amazing show of hospitality does not go unnoticed due to beautifully hand-crafted 'Rillis' with vibrant colors. The beds (charpoys) are decorated with these neat and beautiful Rillis to ensure the ultimate experience of Royalty for the stranger guests.