Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am sharing this article from " SPEAKING TREE "

At Diwali, everything comes alive. The weather, friends, family, markets and even the non-living things (jadd vastu) like the furniture at home. As this is the Indian spring cleaning time where people wash curtains, carpets, clean every nook and corner of their homes and prepare it to welcome Laxmi I wondered if our furniture could speak to us and let us know how they felt during the festive time, what would they say to us?

Of home-made food and many a pickle
Of dinner conversations that tickle
I speak of this family's delight
In relishing their meals with me each night
These bonds worth beyond dime and nickle
Come join me.. 

- Yours, Dinner Table

I have seen them chuckle,
Weep, pretend and confide
In me they slide, spin yarns, dream and hide
With me they wear out wordly woes
Reborn next morning, on their toes
Their trust in me, so bonafide
Freehugs, no bugs

- Yours, Bed

Crawled on me, learnt walking
Rolled on me laughing
Jived to music, started dancing
Showed confidence and strength in me
Prayed to me, I was gleaming
Making me the ground beneath thy feet
Attractive force that keeps you grounded

- Yours, Floor

Leisure and lounge, no rush
Sunk in, guests felt plush
Wrongfully sinfully accused I am
All day long, overused I am
By couch potatoes or couples who mush
Shhhhh, go hush..
- Yours, Couch

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