Sunday, July 17, 2011


Studies have shown that music tends to have a profound effect on the body. Thus, music therapy is a form of healing where music is used to enhance one's physical, emotional and mental health.
Here are some benefits of music therapy.
  • Music therapy is beneficial in treating depression. Research has shown that people who suffered from depression and received music therapy showed a decrease in depressive symptoms as to those who did not indulge in music therapy.
  • Pregnant women can benefit from music therapy as it has the power to ease their stress and reduce anxiety levels.
  • Research has shown that cancer patients tend to cope better with their illness.
  • Children suffering from learning and development problems can benefit from music therapy as it helps to stimulate learning and their creative abilities. It helps in controlling aggression and helps them to sleep better.
  • Music has the ability to lower blood pressure, slower the heart rate, reducing muscle tension and improvement in breathing.
Source- Bombay Times.