Sunday, April 10, 2011


What is HAPPINESS ? Ever given it a thought ?
Many of us say: if I had this or If I had that .........I would be a happy person.
Is it only the material things like buying clothes, Jewellery etc. etc. that can make a person happy.
We cannot buy happiness. These things can only give a short-term happiness. The inner happiness comes when one realises and recognizes all the good things we are blessed with and be grateful instead of craving for external objects. Only when you have satisfaction with your life you can achieve this. It requires some effort.We are as happy as we make our minds to be.

Here is my HAPPINESS list:
Helping the needy.
Pursuing a hobby.
Cozy meal with spouse.
Listening to music.
Being appreciative.


Punam said...

:) Hmm I like the list didi.
That's happiness in the true sense. :)
And u'll be glad to know, I am happy tooo...!! n i miss u n jiju.

Shobha said...

Nice to hear from you and above all happy to see you HAPPY :-))))))